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Terms of Service(2012)
Putting more of my TOS here so it's easier to find.

1.If you are sending me any fur to use upon your fursuit, let me know ahead of time if you come from a smoking/pet home! Any product like this I must quarantine and keep away from my workspace/other materials as I cannot have cross contamination.

2.If you are sending a mask back for repairs, the above also takes place. If the mask has been heavily soiled by a pet or any human bodily fluids*, don't send it until it's clean! I have made only one acception to this rule but will be enforcing it from here on out. If I receive a mask that matches the description above, I will send it back.

*sweat is not included in this. If a mask has just been well worn and needing some basic care, that I WILL do. Basic cleaning doesn't cost, but if the hood needs removing/washing/possible re-airbrushing, along with the liner (and put a new one in), that will cost extra.

3.I must amend my "smoke/pet free environment" as I now own a pair of fancy rats. Both are in a cage in another room, never taken into my workroom or around the materials, and my hands are washed after handling before going back to work. I take every step I am able to ensure no ratty-ness comes in contact with any of my work, but I feel I must revise this to let customers know.

4. Fursuits: I will make are one of your OWN design. I don't mean one you found on the internet! If you have an adoptable you have purchased and own the rights/design to, those are fine. Cosplay are as well fine but if you are using someone else design, find another maker because I won't do it.

This also applies to adult suits. Don't ask because I refuse to have any part of that side of the fandom so please, G rated suits only. This goes along with ref sheets... Those sending me one, please make sure it's G rated. It's very difficult to work with a design when I'm covering up most of it with my hand. It's personal preference and would highly appreciate it if the ref sheets were modest.

5.Plush commissions... I don't take them. They take far to long and I really don't have the dedication for some quite of that nature for commissions. Please also don't ask for my pattern. I've worked with it for over 2 years and I'm still perfecting it. It's certainly fun to make a plush from a pattern, but it is by far more rewarding if it is a pattern you have made :) I will on rare occasion trade or gift them.

6. Resin blanks. There's a good handful of folks out there that sell them, 3 off the top of my head are :devmonoyasha:, :devikyote:, and FA's PhazonAlloy. I don't sell blanks or half masks (eyes/teeth installed, cut, hinged, etc.) as I really don't have the time to make a base alone. If I ever happen to have a surplus of a blank I will post it for sale if I don't have time to use it.


1.Due to the rising amount of notes/emails/comments, any such forms of communication that are of the following will be unanswered unless author rewrites:

I. Severe use of text talk is used. It takes less than two seconds to change "u" to you, "r" to are, "plz" to please, and so forth. This is an art gallery and on occasion a business discussion, not a cell phone. I am getting tired of taking the time to translate and I really don't have the time.

II. Little to no use of grammar. All to many times will I get a paragraph with no capitalization, no punctuation, and phonetical spelling. Just like text talk, it takes little effort to include a strike to the shift key to capitalize something, add punctuation, or a short click of a key for spell check. It is almost headache -causing to have to go through multiple times to get the idea of what is being asked, often due to misspellings or lack of punctuation. A spelling/grammar error on accident is understandable as I often swap letters around, but when it's blatant that it's not an accident, it get's very old very quickly.

III. Questions that:
a. the answers can be found in the artists description
b. the answer requires revealing personal info/trade secrets/etc.

2. When it comes to quotes, they are usually good up to 1-2 months as materials price often flux. If a quote is given, please don't assume that I am open or that you will be placed at the very top (unless stated). I've had a few folks be placed on my queue, wait about a week while I do work on commissions, then ask for progression upon their item. I am a single person and usually have at least 2-3 others ahead of you (once again unless stated).

3. Ages and commissioning. To commission a head or any other high priced item, you must be 18 years or older. The youngest age I will go is 16 and I must have parental consent. The reason for the age cut? You are still growing. Why spend so much money on something you are more than likely to grow out of? Wait a few years, save up, and buy something that will fit you for many years to come :)

Fursuits- Each fursuit commission has a base price but the final price rides heavily upon the character itself and each price quote is custom to each costume. Here's what I need from you, the commissioner, when you are requesting a quote:

1. I need to know features you are wanting. Moving jaws and following eyes are wrapped into the basic resin or foam/balaclava head packages.
-Do you want LED's? If so, where?
-Any extras like bangs? Mowhawks? Whiskers? Etc.
- If you are ordering a foam/balaclava head, what style? Toony? Semi-realistic? Realistic?
- Anything posable/removable like a tongue? Horns?
-Bodies. Any digigrade padding? Removeable tail?
-Paws and paw pads. Outdoor paws? Silicone or rubber latex pads? Perhaps fleece? Claws? No claws?
-Do you have an allergy to certain chemical such as a spray gloss, rubber latex/latex, or other such items?

2. Please include one if not several ref pictures! This is extremely needed for an accurate quote.

3. If you are serious about a commission, please include your area code so I can calculate shipping as well so I'm able to give you one complete price.

Plushes- I don't take commissions on these nor will I sell/give/post the pattern. The pattern changes a little every time and I worked hard on making it. So please don't ask. Why not try your hand at making it yourself? it's much more rewarding and the bragging rights are far greater. :)

Here's a list of things I take commissions for:
-partials (head, tail, feet, hands, armsleeves optional)
-3/4 (above mentioned with legs, digigrade or plantigrade)

What I will trade/gift:
con badges
resin head bases

Artistic Liberty- I do take artistic liberty commissions. Asking for a certain species with such and such details is not a full liberty and will only get a quarter of a discount.

Payment plans- I do take them and have a few to choose from or will make a custom one specifically for you. The payments though will be around $100 if not more with each payment. Any less and it will take a while to pay it off and I only have a limited amount of room to hold costumes. Need me to stop for a bit? Tell me first! I am more than willing to hold something like a head for a few months if the need arises. I will need constant communication please. No contact for more than 6 months I will send out 3 warnings.

-Warning one: I will ask how things are and remind you.
-Warning two: This will be sent out one (1) week after the first warning. I will warn you that if no contact is made within 1 week I will cancel the commission and alter the costume/sell it. I will not refund after this point.
-Warning three: I will cancel your contract with me and proceed to do as stated above.

Refunds: If at any time a refund is needed, I will refund all but the initial down payment as that was used for materials. If upon receiving the mask and adjustments need to be made I am more than willing to work with you and fix any troubles. If for some reason you do not want the mask and wish for a refund, I will only refund 50% of the full price. If the mask, after it has been in your care, has been altered by you in any way, this cancels the refund option completely. So please, if there is anything I can fix for you due to an error on my part, I am more than willing to do so.

Customer approval stages/basic payment breakup- This was created to help counteract any troubles that may arise in the refund above. This one below is mostly for a head, but the breakup is similar for any suit I may be making. During the time I am working on your commission I will ask you to approve it at certain stages:

1. The first payment will be requested upon the agreement of a commission. With this, materials are purchased and the base is cast/made, eyes installed, teeth installed, prepped for furring.
-At this time I will ask for the customers approval before moving onto the next stage. Often I will get a few hesitant folks as they are not used to seeing fursuits before the furring. But if something isn't correct, say like the eyes are the wrong color (doesn't happen often, but it can happen) then it's easier to catch NOW rather than after it's furred.

2. Payment two will be requested after the base has been approved. With this I will move on to furring and attaching the ears and hood.
-By now the head will not be airbrushed but will be completely covered. I will ask questions such as ear position and other things like that. Approval must be made before I will continue farther.

3. With the first two approval stages completed I move to payment three. Once this has been received I will airbrush/add final details. The mask will be finished once this step is complete.
-Here's where I will often stream the airbrushing session for the commissioner so they can see the full mask.

4. The final payment is reserved for when the mask is complete and approved. With this I will prep it and ship to the owner.
- I mostly use USPS but upon request will use UPS or Fed-Ex.

Discounts: I have had a few folks ask if I give discounts other than the artistic liberty. Would I drop the price if they provided materials such as fur? I may under two circumstances:
- I provide the link as to where they can pick and decide from a fur selection from a company I'm familiar with.
-They already have fur from a company I'm familiar with or approve. PLEASE IF YOU ARE A PET OWNER OR SMOKER I CANNOT ACCEPT OPTION TWO. Reasoning behind this is if your pets fur/dander/smoke smell has come in contact with the fur (unless you never took the fur out of it's original packaging, then the chance of it being on there is extremely high) I cannot risk the possibility of cross contamination with my furs or other costumes here. I try my best to keep my costumes smoke free/pet free and hypo-allergenic for any other customer that may have an allergy.

Foam offers are not needed as I have a local supplier.

Furs, pelts, and skulls are always fun to take as a partial trade, but only at certain times. I am good on wolf pelts but fox and others are welcome. There aren't many skulls I am in need of. Exotic fur scraps as well are welcome... (yes dead things are my weakness haha) Once again, this is all at certain times though as I do need to pay for rent and food. ^^;

For anyone asking. I do make cosplays! Japanese/manga only. I will not make anything disney or otherwise.

Please send QUOTE or commission questions to

I will not respond to:
How do I make (fill in blank)
Where do you buy...
What type of (fill in blank) do you use?

As many of those questions, aids, and tutorials can be found here:

The reason for this is to help avoid clutter and help answering commission questions. If you need help with a specific item, have a basic question about fursuits in general, have updates for me, etc. I check my notes often. If you sent a note with an address and it appears I haven't opened it, it's because I'm saving it unopened for when I hit the post office and can find your address easily. I'm not ignoring you I promise! :D


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