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2 suits for sale

hey guys! I have to suits for sale. The first is a speed partial that I made in 2 days. It includes a pair of cuddly 4 fingered paws, one tail, and one head built upon a lycra base and foam. Will fit a head up to 22, poss 23. Very good vision. Video is included with the bid:  The ehad does up with velcro and is very comfortable. Starting price is $400

This next one is a brand new resin mask made by me. Following eyes, smooth moving jaw, video attached to the bid: 

The resin will fit a head of 21-22, also a poss 23. Buyer chooses position of ears, if they wish for a tongue to be added, and if they want a zipper or or velcro. Very breathable and light. I really love how this head turns out but since my  college tuition fees are drawing ever closer, I must sell this. Starting price is $400

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will only accept certain things to lower the cost.


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